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Hunan lane chemical technology co., LTDIs a professional production and sales of polyacrylamide in water treatment company,Have many years of experience in polyacrylamide production and sales。Mainly sells own product as well as the French love polyacrylamide flocculant、After polyacrylamide、Basf Germany ciba water treatment agent、SpainderypolWater water emulsion of polyacrylamide,Ashland imported brands such as polyacrylamide polymer flocculants and water treatment chemicals。Company products are widely used in urban sewage treatment、Industrial wastewater treatment、Mining、The oil industry、Paper making、Textiles、Daily chemical and other industries,Well received by the customers。The company in line with the principle of quality is the enterprise life,Is committed to product research and development,And works closely with the universities,Give full play to our accumulated technology and experience in high polymer flocculant,Meet the increasingly development of career of our country water treatment requirements for polymer flocculation demand growth,For our country's environmental render as a career。

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