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Safe and reliable Light weight

The structure is made of high strength steel plate welding,High strength、Good toughness、Light weight,To ensure the reliability of the product。

Good quality Greater reliability

The whole machine hydraulic valve are of good quality,Reliable performance,Hydraulic line optimization design,Each component are reasonable、High efficiency。

The user is supreme、Sincere service、Efficient service

Do think users want,Urgent user anxious,Do the user needs,Solution to the user。

Company news

2019Annual production safety meeting for the first time
2019Years1Month28Day,The company all staff in the meeting room2019Annual production safety meeting for the first time,Company general manager Mr YiYangDong in recent period of time the work of production safety work made a concluding speech,Requirements...

Industry news

Predict car“The four modernizations”In the future The ninth hunting...
Each by the reporter Lu Jiali Every editor Yang The research and development of automatic driving、The popularization of new energy vehicles、The layout of the vehicle network、Sharing of car travel,2017In the auto industry in the four modernizations wave

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