Corona processor(Prepress processing equipment)
Corona treatment(The electrode holder)
Blown film machine series of automatic air compensating
Dc、Torque motor controller
Electrostatic eliminator
Photoelectric display controller
CCDImaging measurement system
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  Ruian ZhiLin corona equipment co., LTD(The original ruian ZhiLin corona equipment factory)Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales、Clothing Service is a body specialized in the production of corona processor equipment of high-tech enterprises。 Over the years has been committed to printing、Textiles、Flexible packaging、Plastic machinery and other industries。 Manufacturers to provide quality of automation products,Company specializing in the production of plastic film corona processor、Plasma surface corona processor、Sheet corona processor、Plate corona processor、Blown film width monitor etc series products,Has been widely The recognition and praise of the user。
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