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Welcome to linqing xinghua powder metallurgy co., LTD

The new process、The new technology

Powder metallurgy research institute in long-term close technical cooperation,Adhere to the new materials、The new process、New technology used in new product development

Professional technical team

The company has more than 20 professional and technical team,The average engaged in powder metallurgy,Industry more than 15 years

Service commitments

Enables you to enjoyVIPPre-market after-sales service,Promise all the products are sold“Three guarantees”Policy

Advanced detection equipment

The company has professional powder metallurgy advanced testing equipment,The performance security、Stability、Efficient,Quality to suit the requirements of relevant national technical standards

Service guarantee Service guarantee

In order to provide you with high quality products,Constantly improve the quality of our service,We have been in the female,Would you please to our products and services and shall be supervised

Integrity-based company,Prudent management,With professional and sincerely for your moving,To provide users with full working days of telephone technology response,To help users solve encountered any problems of products and services,After-sales service telephone:065-2714053 ......


Display equipment

Production ability
  • Linqing xinghua powder metallurgy co., LTD

    Linqing xinghua powder metallurgy co., LTD

    Has the advanced mold manufacturing and production and processing equipment,Powder metallurgy professional production equipment200Multiple sets,Including:63Tons of fully automatic machine4Taiwan、100Tons of fully automatic machine2Taiwan

  • Linqing xinghua powder metallurgy co., LTD

    Linqing xinghua powder metallurgy co., LTD

    It happened200Tons of fully automatic machine3Taiwan、315Tons of fully automatic machine2Taiwan、800Tons of fully automatic machine1Taiwan,20Tons80Tons of mechanical press each1Taiwan,Numerical control lathe20Taiwan、Sintering furnace2Taiwan

  • Linqing xinghua powder metallurgy co., LTD

    Linqing xinghua powder metallurgy co., LTD

    With steam treatment furnace1Taiwan、The vacuum filling machine1Taiwan,On-line detection and high precision grinding machine10Taiwan,Moreover also has large metallurgical microscope、Analysis of days equal a series of advanced test equipment

Based on the talent and technology,To create the best products and services

Linqing xinghua powder metallurgy co., LTD. Is located in luxi plains,Founded in1997Years,Has the fixed asset2000Ten thousand yuan,Covers an area of1.8Million square meters,The construction area6000Square meters,The worker110People,The output value1500Wan,With professional and technical personnel26Name,Is a professional manufacturer of powder metallurgy products。Production of powder metallurgy products for atlas industrial manufacturing technology(Qingdao)Tools co., LTD、Qingdao outpost pneumatic tool co., LTD(Catic affiliated enterprises)、When a car、Tianjin bus bridge co., LTD、Shandong morning bell co., LTD、Zibo yongtai electrical co., LTD......

The company address:Shandong linqing city KangZhuang Town industrial park
The company by fax:0635-2714053
Customer service telephone:0635-2714053
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